Our Story

"Our story started way before we ever had any ideas of stitching bags or designing gear, it began outside, with our families and friends."


For us, it started when we were kids. Staring out the window of our families' cars and wagons as we drove across the Western States to places like Arches National Park, Yellowstone, Moab, Bear Lake, and Lake Powell.  It was being surrounded by people we enjoyed spending time with, in places that we couldn't believe actually existed.  This incredible blend of beautiful outdoor landscapes and good company is what continues to inspire Ogden Made.  

Our goal is to make gear that doesn't just help you get outside, but to really appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us, and enjoy the friends that make it memorable.  It's about being outdoors with your favorite people, creating experiences you won't forget.

Who Is Ogden Made?

Ogden Made is you! It is a community of people that have grasp the idea of sharing memories and experiences with loved ones. It's people who are fathers and mothers who give their kids the best possible experiences in this life. It's people who push their own limits. It's friends who don't let friends say no to a good time. It's people who do good in their own lives and in the lives of others. Ogden Made is you! 

We're here to bring people together and bring out cool gear to help support people's everyday life! We thank you for the opportunity to do that. We love you guys! 

- Your Ogden Made Team