‘OgdenOnly’ takes on the Junction City Messenger

January 26, 2015

For many of us Instagram has become a place for like-minded people to come together, connect and share the things we’re passionate about. And if you’re an Ogden native, then you know how easy it is to get hooked on the unique character that this town offers. @OgdenOnly has quickly become a consistent hub of everything we love about Ogden, with beautiful shots by the people who make Ogden what it is!         We gave Tim Sessions, creator of the @OgdenOnly feed, a Junction City Messenger Bag for a full review. Here's what he had to say about it:   “When I received my Junction City Messenger Bag, I couldn't wait to try it out in the real... Continue Reading →

Meet the Masters Behind The Front Lines

October 07, 2014

  We recently sat down with a couple of our master seamstresses to give you a better for who the people behind your bags are. So take a load off, turn off your sewing machine and sit back while you enjoy the sounds of the melody… (and by melody we mean read this article)   Our first of two interviewees is Jenny Nebeker. She has lived in Utah all her life. She graduated from Box Elder High School and is married with four wonderful children. She drives a Dodge Charger that she wouldn’t trade for any other car in the world. Next we have Caroline Anderson. She was born and raised in Orem, UT. She attended Mt. View High School and BYU, graduating with her B.S.... Continue Reading →