Goat Hat

What is the Goat Hat? Is it the greatest of all time? We can tell you it represents the GOATs of this world, the ones who NEVER STOP CLIMBING. Each year in Ogden, UT RUFA (Running Up For Air) takes place towards the end of February. Runners climb 3 miles to Malan’s Peak only to descend 3 miles to start the journey all over again and again and again. The extremists will do this for 24 hours straight. Back to the hat.

We want this hat to represent the individuals that climb mountains despite the pain, the sore legs, the hurt, and the voices in their heads telling them to stop. We want this hat to remind each of us that despite the HUGE mountain in front of us we know that a peak is a place worth climbing for and the journey to get there can be beautiful despite the hardships along the way.

Fit: Foam Structured Pinch - One size fits most

Classic MaterialsFoam/Nylon Mesh

Features: Flatbill (can be curved), cotton sweatband